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The Judicial Way, The Iranian.com,  2/8/01

Defending Iranians, The Iranian.com,  12/31/02

NY Times :


· Mr. President will you honor the Supreme Law of the Land ? May 3rd, 2006  

               (a copy of this ad was sent to the UN ambassadors of all Security Council members)

· The Real Nuclear Threat  June 24, 05

The above 2 articles were first proposed to the NY Times. It refused to print them.  Their  main excuse for not printing the first ad (which was not pro-Israel) was that, as a matter of policy, they did not accept “reward” ads. I asked a confirmation in writing, which it gave:


I can confirm that The Times does not run "Reward" type  headlines…”

S. Jesperson of the NYTimes


Yet, two months later (1/30/05), it published the adjacent

 pro-Israel full-page ad.


The NY Times, like any other business, may chose certain policies for conducting its business. But it cannot do it in a discriminating way. If a black man goes to a car-dealership and offers $50’000 in cash to buy a car, the seller may invoke a policy of not accepting dollar bills for such an amount. But if the next day he sells a car for $50’000 in cash to a white customer, he has then engaged in a discriminating policy. It is regrettable though that the premier newspaper of this country, exercises censorship, and discrimination, so blatantly.


Letter to President Obama, with copies to the Secretary of State and Iran’s Ambassador to the UN.

Answer of President Obama

Political Thoughts

افکار سیاسی

The below proposed ad was successively refused by the NY Times, Financial Times, and Washington Post

The Enshrinement of Theft - The Drumbeat to War


Although slightly harsh in tone, it is factually correct. Their refusal actually provides a confirmation for my thesis about how the pro-Israel lobby controls the US media.

For the NY Times refusal letter, and my response, click on (correspondence). In conjunction with their prior refusal in 2004 (see below), it shows a clear pattern of discrimination against whoever wishes to criticize Israel and its unlawful policies, even as a paid ad.

Considering the constant threat of Israel against “terrorist” Iran, a reminder of facts seemed necessary. The following article was published by Iranian.com on Mar.08, 2012, without images.

      Israel’s Escalating Rhetoric : A Madoffian Symptom

It was subsequently taken and expanded by Veterans today and the Public Intelligence Blog

Cyrus, Ben Gurion and Ben Zion

Was given to the Huffington Post as a response to Dr. Jacob Wright’s article of 3/6/2012 (no answer). Has now been posted on payvand.com, iroon.com, and also published in The Fezana Journal (Summer 2013 special issue on the Cyrus Cylinder).